Burkart Elite Flute

Burkart Elite Flute
The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom flute with soldered tone holes and features Burkart’s micro-Link™ pinless mechanism.

Every flute option and customization is available in the Elite flute.


Burkart Flute Scale:
James Phelan developed the scale that is the cornerstone of all Burkart flutes. Mathematically derived, it is known for evenness and stability of pitch. The majority of Burkart’s Elite flutes are tuned to A=442. We are happy to custom make your order with A=440 or A=444 also.

Proprietary Gold Solders:
Proprietary Gold Solders High-karat gold solders with lower melting temperatures join the tone holes of the Elite flute to the body. These gold solders bond the flute parts more effectively than soft solders, do not deteriorate over time, and enhance resonance and projection.

Tonal Voicing:
Tonal Voicing The tone holes of every Burkart Elite flute are tuned using the Lillian Burkart system of voicing. This final touch gives the Burkart Elite flute its even, balanced tone in all registers.

Silent Action:
 Silent Action Sleek, felt bumpers regulate and quiet the key action.

Contemporary Pads:
The response and stability of these pads enhance the beauty of the sound in all environments.


Burkart’s micro-Link™ fully-pinless Mechanism
 Burkart’s micro-Link™ fully-pinless  Mechanism An improvement upon all previous pinless mechanisms, this innovative architecture provides stability with two solid 14K white gold rods, reduces weight, and allows the transfer of motion to be very close to the main axle of the keys. By design, the keys are easy to remove for maintenance and adjustments. The simple elegance of Burkart’s micro-Link™ mechanism results in equally light spring tension throughout, stable and balanced response for both the right and left hands, and lightning-fast action.   Click here to watch a Flash video

Precision Keys and Arms:

To play its best a flute’s pads must cover perfectly. With this in mind, each Burkart key cup is cut from solid gold or silver, leaving a flat internal surface for pads. The cup perfectly centers the flute pad, delivering added stability to the padding system.

Stainless Steel Rods:
All Burkart flutes are built using three different types of specially alloyed stainless steel rods. These rods resist flexing, distortion, and corrosion. The system reduces friction and gives the player more hours of maintenance-free play.

Ergonomic Elements

Ergonomic Key  DesignThe slide from D# to each of the three lowest notes of the flute is unmatched for comfort and ease in the Burkart key design.

Ergonomic Key  Design Length, shaping, and position of the G# lever minimize fatigue in the left hand.
(Extended length available for small hands)

Ergonomic Key Design:
Ergonomic Key  Design The flutist’s thumb and little fingers work hard. The thumb key and lever are angled to lie under an unstrained left-hand position. The sculpted curves of the key make the slide from B to Bb effortless.